Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Look

We are in the process of trying to make our web site more “appealing” to the eye and to make it easier to navigate the various sections.  This will be a continuing effort.
We will be cutting back on some of our offerings to concentrate on our core products such as aircraft, helicopter, landing craft, river boats, boats, “drazines”, armored trains, freight cars and bunkers.
The first product line to be eliminated will be “situation Accuracy Is MAGNA-DOTS”.  We can no longer get the raw materials to make the various items offered in this line.  I have regrets about doing this since it was my original product line and many people used these little magnetic markers for their games.
We will also be eliminating the “Air war games In Miniature” section since this has proven to be a money pit for us with little return.  There are many other companies that offer these rule sets and products and we are just too small to compete with them.  Eliminated will be “Check Your Six”, “Wings of War” and “Aerodrome” rule sets and products.
We will be standardizing and updating the various sections in a continuing effort to provide a better web site.